10 Tips for Effectively Recruiting a Team

Here’s some good advice for getting people to work on a new project:

"Many times in your life you will make requests of others: to join a group, committee or team, to perform a task or to assist with a project. This month’s question: How do you make the ask? Often the key to getting to ‘Yes’ involves how you make your request.

"Whether you are:

  • building a board of directors
  • forming a committee
  • enrolling others in your team or workgroup
  • seeking volunteers for a project

"Follow these ten tips to hear those magic words: ‘YES, I’d be glad to!’"

BTW, you still must communicate effectively with your newly-formed team: "Credible leaders are credible communicators. They not only make ‘the ask’ so they get favorable responses, they also utilize their listening and team building skills along the way to strengthen their bonds with others."

By Craig Harrison, communication speaker, trainer, & consultant.