Are You a ‘Re-Gifter’?

Okay, who hasn’t ‘regifted’ once or twice (or more)? But please follow the "12 rules for regifting":

"There are only three reasons you might be reading this column:

  1. You think ‘regifting’ is totally tacky, but you secretly hope there might be a polite way to get rid of that hideous scarf your Aunt Edna gave you.
  1. You’re a chronic regifter and you need some new ideas to get you through the holidays.
  1. You’ve never heard of regifting. Really. You’re just curious.

"Welcome, one and all, to a frank discussion of a grand old holiday tradition we all practice and pretend we don’t. (That includes you fibbers who picked No. 3!) Even Peggy Post, etiquette advice columnist for Good Housekeeping, admits she’s done it."