Are Your Paralegal Skills Up-to-Date?

According to a recent article, one national major firm is marketing their paralegals as professionals who are more up-to-date & better educated than other firms. They are requiring paralegals to be certified.

Estrin LegalEd workshops are specifically designed with paralegal assignments in mind. Just a few include:

  • New e-Discovery Rules
  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • How to Handle 140 Billion E-Mails
  • The Essential IP Paralegal
  • Thorough Factual Investigation and Case Preparation
  • Paralegal’s Role in Closing Transactions & Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Paralegal’s Role in SEC Filings
  • Paralegal’s Role in Jury Trials
  • Guide to Research and Reference on the Internet

Don’t wake up one morning to find the competition is ahead of you. Sign up now for these reasonably priced, well-organized, & valuable seminars:

The Paralegal SkillWorks Seminar San Francisco: March 16th!

The Paralegal SuperConference Los Angeles: March 30-31st

The Paralegal SuperConference Orlando: April 6- 7th

The Paralegal SkillWorks Seminar Newport Beach: April 29th