Army sergeants & paralegals in Iraq

A married couple serves together in Iraq as, yes, paralegals:

"The night envelops the two young Army sergeants in darkness as their hearts beat loudly within their chests. Staring at one another through night vision goggles, he whispers, ‘Happy anniversary, baby.’ With nothing to do but keep silent and wait, she drifts off into past memories that brought her to this point of spending her anniversary with her husband of 8 years on a mission for the Army in the desert of Iraq.


"Both Brandon and Michelle [Bauer] are grateful for their job. They love being able to make a difference in other’s lives. Both work as paralegals doing such jobs as ‘providing legal services to soldiers concerning filing claims for damages to personal property arising from fire, mortars, IED’s, lost baggage and many other things; running a tax center to assist soldiers in filing their taxes; running immigration workshops to help soldiers become citizens of this great country and help soldiers with legal issues back home such as divorce, child support, SCRA, etc,’ according to Brandon. His favorite part of the job, however, is in foreign claims, helping the Iraqis."