Associate $$$ on the Rise…

…can increases in paralegal compensation be far behind? One hopes not!

See "As Times Get Better, So Do the Bonuses" from The National Law Journal:

"Many top firms in New York, historically bestowers of the largest associate bonuses in the nation, doled out $30,000 to $60,000 to their junior attorneys, up from a maximum of $50,000 in associate bonuses in 2004. Some firms on the West Coast and Midwest also boosted their bonuses modestly. And one firm, Susman & Godfrey in Houston, gave some of its associates a walloping $150,000 in year-end perks, an increase from about $110,000 in 2004."

Also check out "Latham Boosts Associate Salaries," an article from The Recorder:

"Latham & Watkins is raising first-year associate salaries by $10,000 — to $135,000 — and other years by $5,000, an increase on par with other firms’ recent salary hikes."

Good luck improving your own bottom line!