Case Management: Tips for Techie Paralegals

Definitely helpful guidance for any firm wanting to add these systems:

"There is no question today that case management systems can literally transform the most disorganized law practices into super-efficient legal services delivery engines. Firms that effectively implement case management software systems consistently report: (1) higher profitability due in part to a reduction of previously wasted non-billable time looking for case information, (2) increased client satisfaction with firm response time to case status-related inquiries, (3) reduced ‘aggravation factor’ and related increase in perceived quality of law practice life.

"Firms that haven’t so effectively deployed case management products loudly proclaim them as the bane of their existences, not to mention the culprit responsible for far less money in the firm’s coffers. So what are the differences between these two widely varying experience sets? It’s all in how you roll it out and integrate it into the firm’s workflow. Let’s explore the factors that contribute to successful case management rollouts in firms of all sizes.

"Before you ever begin the process of selecting case management software, you need to educate everyone in the firm about exactly what it is, what it does, and how it will change the workflow and work practices.

"You must first answer the question: ‘What is a case manager?’ That is perhaps the easiest issue to address since the answer is almost literally, ‘a piece of software that does everything.’ Case management  programs are literally the ‘kitchen sinks’ of the legal software world, tracking all sorts of law firm information…."