Computer Forensics 101 for paralegals & others

This free course can give paralegals a valuable skill:

"Project Leadership Associates, Inc. (PLA),continues to meet the demands of the legal industry and corporate counsel by offering a Computer Forensics Training Session in Chicago on Tuesday, June 27th.

"Computer Forensics 101 is a free training session hosted by PLA. Our introduction to Computer Forensics is designed for attorneys, corporate counsel, paralegals and litigation support personnel from both law firms and corporate legal departments.

"Benjamin Pavalon, CISSP, MCSE, will be presenting this one-hour session, he will discuss the basic strategies and protocols behind a computer forensic investigation. He will help you better understand how to prepare, what to look for and what questions to ask at the start of an investigation.

"With computer crimes on the rise, companies are becoming more aware of intellectual property risk and exposure to litigation. Investigations against trade secret theft, fraud and employment issues are increasingly becoming electronic issues. The need for computer forensics is growing in all areas of litigation including personal injury, intellectual property, contract disputes, matrimony, spam, fax blast and more."

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