CrunchGear: Best electronics of 2006

Lots of fab tech gifts — games, music, phones, mobile stuff, sure, but I really liked the infrared trash can!

"CrunchGear’s editors searched far and wide for the best gadgets of 2006. We’ve included devices from our own pages and some things we picked up over the year that made us smile. Read on for everything we loved this year.


"This is hilarious, but I’m nominating the Nine Stars DZT-42-1 11 Gallon Infrared Trash Can. It has an MSRP of $99 but we got it for $37 at Costco and it’s been one of the best kitchen investments we’ve made in a while. The can runs on 4 D batteries and reacts to a presence in front of the sensor. No more foot switches, no more touching a dirty trash can lid. It’s going to be a great toy for the boy when he’s old enough to peer over the top edge.

"Not sure how you’d be able to sneak this under the tree, but give it a go. -JB"

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