Demand for paralegals in the military grows. And yes, you can be sent to Iraq:

"The Judge Advocate General of the Navy, Rear Adm. Bruce E. MacDonald, visited the military legal team deployed to Baghdad on March 10 and 11.


"More than 100 military attorneys and paralegals — mostly from the Navy and Air Force — are deployed as individual augmentees to Iraq supporting the Multinational Force here. Most of them work for Task Force 134, the task force charged with detainee command and control, ensuring due process and assisting Iraq rebuild its judicial, correctional and law enforcement system.


"During the two-day visit, MacDonald also re-enlisted Petty Officer 2nd Class Mica Elizabeth Chinn and Petty Officer 2nd Class Debra Bazan, both Magistrate Cell paralegals at Task Force 134, in a ceremony at Al Faw Palace at Camp Victory.

“’For him to come all the way from the states and re-enlist us meant a lot,’ said Chinn. ‘It shows he cares and we’re not just names or bodies to send to Iraq.’”