“EDD-ucating Yourself About Electronic Discovery”

Not a new article  (Oct. 2006) from the ABA’s Law Practice Today, but someone just pointed out that it says something nice about this blog. (How did I miss that!?)

"It was back in July 2004 (http://www.abanet.org/lpm/lpt/articles/slc07041.html) when Tom published the first Strongest Links article on the subject of electronic discovery as part of an influential EDD-themed issue of Law Practice Today.  Since that time, the electronic evidence landscape has changed considerably, and EDD is more important that ever.  With December 1 — the date the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will take effect — fast approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit those links, and provide an update to those of you who are still learning about the intricacies of e-discovery.  Which, really, is probably all of us.


"Weblogs — Surprisingly, there have not been a lot of weblogs on the subject of EDD.  However, those weblogs that do discuss the topic are terrific


"The Estrin Report is a group blog created for professional paralegals that often covers electronic discovery topics."

If you’re a litigation paralegal, be sure to read the complete article — it’s chock-full of very helpful links!

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