E-Discovery Attorneys (& Paralegals) Needed

Yes, both attorneys & paralegals are needed for e-discovery:

Commentary (by Seth Davis of LawFirmInc.): A recruiter weighs in on the current upsurge in demand for e-discovery attorneys

"There’s a new tech boom of sorts. In the last few months I’ve received numerous inquiries from organizations seeking e-discovery managers [PDF link], e-discovery consultants, e-discovery engineers, e-discovery gurus, e-discovery and document-retention specialists and, finally, attorneys who understand e-discovery. The calls have been from traditional brick-and-mortar companies, financial institutions, technology companies and law firms. In the end, after numerous conversations, it’s clear to me they’re all looking for the same thing: e-discovery attorneys.

"There’s a new attorney on the block. You can add e-discovery attorney to the mix of corporate attorneys, patent attorneys, litigation attorneys and so on.


"An attorney doesn’t necessarily have to fill this management role. There are highly skilled litigation support managers, paralegals, computer forensics experts and IT managers who can process internal data and manage outside vendors. However, if the goal of your department is to have someone who can testify and have credibility in court as well as with peers, process internal data, manage outside vendors and keep track of legal issues and rulings, then an e-discovery attorney would be the correct choice."