“Electronic Evidence – Fear and Loathing in the Legal Profession”

Great post to the MassLawBlog! First, a great quote, followed by a daunting, yet very informative diagram of "client server architecture" [PDF]:

"The schematic displayed…is a simplified illustration of a corporate network which Microsoft provided to the Federal Rules Committee in connection with proceedings on electronic evidence. It was intended to illustrate a generic corporate computer network.

"If you are a lawyer and this seems like an alien concept that no lawyer should ever be required to understand, you’re not alone. Lets face it – like most stereotypes, the old joke that lawyers go to law school to avoid math and technology contains a large element of truth.


"Nevertheless, every day emails and brochures arrive announcing seminars and warning that the era of electronic data discovery (EDD) has finally, truly arrived. Luddite lawyers are warned that…99% of all documents created today are in electronic form."

Hey, I think this quote might apply as well to paralegals:

"The best aspect of law school is the subordination of math." Anon