“Everything sucks. Plus I’m a legal secretary!”

Salon magazine’s help column answers an amusing & serious career question:

"Nov. 3, 2006 | Dear Cary,

"I don’t know what to do with my life.

"No, I don’t mean in that midlife-crisis kind of way. Long story short, I am 21 and I live with my boyfriend (27). While this traditionally is not considered wise, I have little choice, being one step away from poverty every day. I am currently a legal secretary. I believe there is a special circle in hell for all attorneys where they become legal secretaries/paralegals for all eternity. That or perhaps I was very terrible in a past life. I haven’t managed to find a firm that has trained me enough to turn it into a viable career path and beyond that, it’s pretty degrading. I’ve had things thrown at me, I’ve been threatened, I’ve been sexually harassed, I’m typically, often insulted, which has equaled an erratic résumé and equally an aversion to the idea of this as a career.

"College? Ah yes, the golden answer to all of life’s problems. I was told since I was in third grade that college was where I belonged and was where I would flourish. This is assuming you come from a non-abusive household and your parents are paying for it."

The answer Cary Tennis offered sounded both smart & very helpful to me….

4 Replies to ““Everything sucks. Plus I’m a legal secretary!””

  1. Is she kidding? Does she know that she can quit if she doesn’t like this job? People do it everyday.

    Youth is definitely wasted on the young. My advice….grow up!

  2. You are so right. Legal secy at least in my city, is hell. Its a place for secretaries without self-esteem and who are glutens for abuse.

    Get counseling !

    It is great that you are thinking about changes, you are just lost and don’t know where to start and how to get to the better life you want.

  3. Hehehe!!

    I know what you mean about training too. I am stuck in a limbo between secretary and paralegal (and mum!!) and all they want me to do is type type type – I just want to learn and climb the ladder – and the pay is S***!!!!
    PS does anyone else have this total secrecy about pay where you don’t know what your colleagues are earning but you think it must be more than this?

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