Explaining your job to your kids – A new book for paralegals

Cover.Mommy3Here's a good question for you:  How do you explain to your child what you do during the day at work? It's hard enough to explain the paralegal career to adults.

According to parenting.com, until the child is about three years old, "Mommy is going to work" is about all they can understand.  However, after that, when they're asking "Why is the sky blue, why is the grass green?" it starts to get a bit complicated.  Work is hard to visualize and a position where you aren't exactly physically making a product you can bring home to show them is even harder.

Bringing a child to work is one way of showing what you do. However, letting a 4 year-old wander around the office is not always a great idea – particularly when they want to touch and feel everything, play with the stapler and hide in the bankers boxes.

Enter "My Mommy is a Paralegal" by Loni Morganelli.  This charming, 26 page book is an appealing story about a little girl who explains what her mother does everyday after the little girl is kissed and dropped at school. The delightful illustrations explain what an office looks like, the kinds of things mommy does when she is at her desk and who she works with.  It's the kind of book that causes you to cozy up to your kids and share precious bonding time.  Don't let the shortness of dialogue fool you: there's plenty of descriptive information that connects perfectly with the illustrations to give kids a good idea of what goes on during mom's day.  The book does not neglect to highlight how important the child is to the mother and how special the relationship is – work does not get in the way parenting.  It's a good "take-away" feeling that leaves you with a warm glow and actually renews your faith in what you do.

Suggested ages:  3 – 7
Available in soft cover and via internet only
$21.95 plus shipping
Makes a great holiday gift 
You can purchase the book at lulu.com.