“Firm keeps an eagle eye on clients’ legal bills”

Interesting news about a company that audits legal bills:

"Harry Maue tried to start a legal auditing business three times before getting his company off the ground in 1985.

"Stuart, Maue, Mitchell & James Ltd. of Bridgeton helps companies manage their legal bills, which can be a mystifying and burgeoning expense in a litigious society.


"The third time, an article about the Bridgeton company in Inc. magazine helped Maue land a contract with an insurance company in California.

"The insurer suspected that defense and plaintiff’s lawyers were padding their bills. Maue and his auditors worked closely with postal inspectors, the district attorney and other government officials in a multi-year investigation that nailed the lawyers for mail fraud.

"The California case led to other contracts, mostly with clients outside Missouri. They include Dollar General Corp., Lorillard Tobacco Co. and, more recently, Juniper Networks Inc. Charter Communications Inc. is among a handful of St. Louis companies that use its services."