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Legal Secretary Jobs are changing

Legal Secretaries are being phased out and now look very differently. Is your job next?

This article is a great read – Chere Estrin

The older, traditional role of a legal secretary is pretty much gone, said one industry observer. The secretary of the future needs to have really strong IT skills … and more multitasking than …


  • The role of legal secretaries is evolving with the convergence of remote work and advanced legal technology.
  • Reed Smith and Fox Rothschild are in the process of upskilling support staff.
  • Consultants and leaders say longtime legal secretaries with fewer IT skills are most vulnerable to staffing realignment.

Whether termed executive assistants (EAs) at Reed Smith or attorney resource specialists at Fox Rothschild, newly created roles are intended to provide greater workflow efficiency in delegating administrative functions so attorneys can have more time for managing client relationships, according to leaders at both firms.

“We learned a lot during the pandemic and we’re putting it into action to move our business forward and by adopting new technologies and approaches to how we work,” said Nick Bagiatis, chief operating officer of Reed Smith.

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