In Pursuit of Freedom: The Peter Kirchikov Story

J0402763 We have never given just bits and pieces in this blog nor teased you with a story in KNOW.  However, I wanted to share with you a bit of the upcoming issue.  Occasionally, we run across stories that move your heart and open your eyes. There are plenty of stories of paralegals who have had arduous experiences and the Peter Kirchikov story is no exception.

Now a paralegal in Birmingham, Alabama, Peter immigrated from what was then the USSR.  A guide and interpreter, he and his family were blacklisted, an ominous signal for people who had different beliefs than the mainstream.

Added to serious hardships including death threats, the KGB and Chernobyl, Peter struggled for years to immigrate to the U.S. with his wife and 20 month-old toddler. After enduring a life without freedom of speech or religion, few luxuries (including enough water to just shower), he managed to get to the U.S. where he found a new career, an entire new life and freedom unlike anything he ever experienced.  Kudos to him and his sponsors for taking a huge risk to reach our country.  Kudos also to him for choosing the paralegal profession as his new career!  Please read more about this amazing story in the next issue of KNOW. It's important to know the people who make up this terrific career. I'm sure you will be as truly moved as I was.