Just a short note about a terrible new trend in submitting resumes.

By Chere B. Estrin

Have you wondered why you are not getting a great response to your resume, even though you meet all the criteria?

If you are not listing your city and state, chances are 90% that your resume will not get accepted. I noticed this is a new trend now and all I can say is “Don’t do it.’ Why? Because recruiters and employers want to know if they are wasting their time. Most positions right now are hybrid, no longer remote. Resumes that are coming in by the hundreds, are now not listing city and state where you are located and where your jobs are/were.

I am not sure what these candidates are thinking. Perhaps, that all positions are remote. That is now a thing of the past. Maybe they think it doesn’t matter or that the firm will relocate them. Keep dreaming! The majority of jobs are hybrid which means you need to be in a location to get into the office. Period. 

So, if you are submitting a resume without your location, STOP now. You do not have to list your address. That’s not done anymore. However, you do need to list where you are currently located and where your jobs are or were. End of story.

Chere Estrin is the CEO of Estrin Legal Staffing, a top nationwide staffing organization and has been in the field for over 20 years. She was recently interviewed by Fortune Magazine (www.estrinreport.comThe Wall Street Journal and  was named “One of the Top Women Leaders in Los Angeles.” She has written 10 booksabout legal careers, hundreds of articles and has been written up in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Trib, Newsweek, Entrepreneur and others. Chere is a recipient of LAPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Los Angeles/Century City Women of Achievement Award and a finalist for the Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year award. She gives numerous webinars including those for Lawline and LawPractice. Chere is a former administrator at an AmLaw 100 firm and Sr. Vice President in a $5 billion staffing company. She is happy to hear from you regarding anything at all. Reach out at: chere@estrinlegalstaffing.com.

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  1. Excellent commentary and advice as usual from Chere Estrin who knows more about the marketplace than most, and how to give yourself the best chance of being successful.

  2. Always a wealth of information. Everything I read feels like I’m learning all over again. Thanks for the great topics too, Chere!

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