Law firm “American as apple pie”

As much as I like pie (really, who doesn’t?), I did not realize there was an actual day to celebrate pies:

"FREDERICK — Attorneys, law clerks and paralegals flowed in and out of Conklyn & Associates‘ law office Tuesday with little mention of court cases or settlements.

"A cheerier goal brought them to the West Patrick Street family law practice — a pie party.

"For the past six years, Beth Conklyn and her staff have been carting in pies on Jan. 23 to celebrate National Pie Day.


"Pie is doing its part in Frederick by providing legal professionals a chance to meet under more pleasant circumstances, Conklyn said.

"They come in with a smile and leave with a smile on pie day,’ paralegal Mimi Bellanti said."

Oh, don’t forget Great American Pie Month in February!