Lawyers & paralegals use multimedia software

…in the courtroom:

"Today an increasing number of tech-savvy trial attorneys are turning to multimedia solutions to highlight critical evidence and testimony at trial.

"With a well-organized multimedia presentation, skilled trial attorneys can wage in-court arguments and deliver powerful closing statements, seamlessly integrating key evidence and even impeaching or discrediting critical witnesses by replaying previously given testimony.

"To deliver these sophisticated media presentations, attorneys are using case-building software programs to help organize and display the literally hundreds, even thousands, of evidentiary documents and exhibits that must be presented to juries.


"San Diego-based Peterson Reporting, Video and Litigation Services employs the free software program Visionary when building multimedia presentations for its client attorneys. The company also trains paralegals and attorneys on how to use the software platform so they can prepare their cases independently. ‘We recommend that our clients use the Visionary software because it is free, it’s easy to use and compatible with all other case and document management software,’ said Peterson."