LexisNexis Marks Launch of New Data Collection & Forensics Services Lab

This news makes it sound like LexisNexis has been very busy:

"Based at the companys discovery services headquarters in Bellevue, Wash., the new lab features advanced processing and industrial strength decryption capabilities currently found in very few non-governmental labs. This technology component joins the earlier established ‘all star’ team of specialists, each with years of experience in law enforcement, investigation, information technology, programming, data collection and digital forensics. Together, these assets help law firms and their clients gain greater control over and confidence in the recovery and review of the documents they and opposing parties produce for legal discovery.


"After helping clients locate data in places such as servers, workstations, home computers, backup tapes, e-mail, voicemail, cell phones, PDAs, and other places, consultants then leverage the 15 million pages per day processing capacity and specialized technology of Applied Discovery to conduct forensically sound data collection and document review. For those clients requiring a deeper dive, the team, using a vendor agnostic approach, can conduct customized forensic operations such as:

  • Sorting 30 different fields, across all four time stamp types, by file name or signature extension, hash value, full pat and file permissions.
  • Streamlining More than 150 filters help narrow relevant information displayed based on specific client criteria.
  • Finding, viewing deleted files – viewing deleted and unallocated files.
  • Pinpointing critical documents specialized searching based on client needs.
  • Password recovery decrypt password protected documents from most common commercial programs in minutes."