New Survey Says Paralegal Position Perfect for Introverts – Huh????

MP900410055[1] I've heard everything now.  According to an aol article (yes,, about the top ten positions perfect for introverts, the paralegal position is right up there with graphic artist and civil engineer.  Huh????

Here is what the article states:

"As an introvert, finding a position where you can really shine while working on individual projects can seem challenging. But with some research, you'll find plenty of positions where your skills and personal contributions are valued. Many jobs include opportunities for some teamwork as well as the kind of independent work that allows introverts to recharge. No matter which industry you consider, companies are eager for self-starters who are able to work independently."

Well, that much is true.  You need to be a self-starter, able to be a good team player and work independently.  But if you need to do a lot of teamwork, that means interfacing with other team members which to me means interaction.  Interaction/Introvert…hmmm…….Interaction/Introvert…..does that seem compatible to you? 

I guess if you're stuck in a basement donning the latest in hazmat wear while combing through documents looking for insurance policies from 1948, being an introvert might be a good thing. I'll give them that.

Here is what they say that paralegals do:


Average annual salary: $62,853

Paralegals often draft contracts, do research and sift through records. The job is rewarding for those who love research and don't need the buzz of constant interaction with a team. Since some guidance is provided, the career is a great stepping-stone to other areas of the legal field.

Oh, hmmm…what happened to works independently, needs to be a teamplayer?  Provides a great stepping-stone to other areas of the legal field.  Well, that much is true, too.

However, just about all paralegals I know do very little legal research.  The reason?  Attorneys generally do not trust paralegals to perform legal research.  Heck, they barely trust associates to do it.  Where do people get their information?  

The paralegal job is for an introvert?  You need to work with attorneys and other paralegals.  That hardly makes you an introvert.  Have you ever confronted an attorney who is clawing at the windows in a desperate attempt to get his work immediately?  That doesn't exactly inspire an  introvert to take this job.  What about a nervous client chewing the phone lines up as she reaches out to you for an update on her case because the last time she was able to get the attorney on the line was 1998?  An introvert would run, fast, the other way.      

Maybe I'm wrong.  Readers?  Would you say you're an introvert, extrovert or a combination of both?

2 Replies to “New Survey Says Paralegal Position Perfect for Introverts – Huh????”

  1. I find this very interesting, because I always considered myself to be more of an introvert… UNTIL I started working as a paralegal. You absolutely must be comfortable interacting with others in this profession, whether it be with your supervising attorneys, clients, or anyone else imaginable. I’ll admit that I’m still most at ease when able to hash out projects independently, but in order to be successful you need to at the very least be a combination intro/extrovert.

  2. I find this to be quite interesting…I say that it depends on the type of law practiced and you really need a combination of introversion and extroversion. There are some areas that you will be able to utilize the introversion part of your personality. Otherwise, you better find a way to be an extrovert.

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