“Offering Truth and Illusion and Nothing but the Two”

Finally!  A TV show featuring paralegals as well as lawyers! 

"Celebrity trial lawyers are supposed to be flamboyant and theatrical. Yet the high-priced defense attorneys in Jerry Bruckheimer’s new courtroom drama on Fox, “Justice,” are not at all like F. Lee Bailey or Johnnie Cochran. They are as grimly focused and humorless as the crime lab detectives of ‘CSI.’

"It’s the pretrial work that is the showy centerpiece of this series. Media spin, jury consultants and focus groups are the DNA swabs and bloodstain-pattern analysis reports of ‘Justice.’ And that makes it kind of fun: it is as if someone at Fox had ordered up a ‘Trading Spaces’ for television writers. Imagine what “Boston Legal” would look like if Jerry Bruckheimer were in charge instead of David E. Kelley.

"This series looks sleek but solemn. The camera zips and zooms jaggedly from character to character, while time-lapse photography punches up dramatic moments. These versions of the lawyers Denny Crane and Alan Shore from “Boston Legal” do not drink and smoke cigars in the workplace, and paralegals button their blouses as well as their lips."