Over 1,000 paralegals have worked on the Oxycontin case(s)…!

And at least who will pay the legal bills has been decided:

"Purdue Pharma has settled with its insurer over lofty legal costs the drug maker had racked up in defending against OxyContin suits.


"None of the pending OxyContin lawsuits has gone to trial, WSJ reported. The report further noted that, although insurance payment disputes are common, the Purdue-Steadfast imbroglio was a standout.

"Steadfast [Insurance Co.] alleged that Purdue hired 40 law firms in 32 states to defend it in the cadre of OxyContin suits, encompassing 322 partners, 849 associates and 1,023 paralegals, who combined billed the insurer for more than 1.2 million work hours, the newspaper said."

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