“Paralegal breaks the fashion law”

Can’t quite figure out if this story is mostly funny or sad. Of course, ‘dress for success’ is usually a good idea, right?

"A colourful Toronto paralegal is seeing red after his forceful ejection from court for a ‘fashion crime.’

"Ex-lawyer Harry Kopyto alleges that a Toronto cop ‘manhandled’ him out of a Scarborough court yesterday after a justice of the peace adjourned a case because of Kopyto’s attire.

"When city prosecutor Janet Stoeckl complained about Kopyto’s multi-coloured, open-neck shirt and his textured burnt-orange jacket, speeding charges against Kopyto’s client, Paul Lamy, were brought to a screeching halt.

"According to Kopyto and Lamy, the JP – whose identity neither man can provide – said Kopyto’s jacket ‘clashes’ with his shirt and was ‘a breach’ of court decorum.

"Kopyto said the JP suggested a white shirt and a dark suit.

"When Kopyto retaliated and complained about Stoecki’s ‘spike-heeled, pointed shoes and loud purple top,’ the JP ordered: ‘Mr. Kopyto, leave this courtroom.’"