Paralegal regulation in Canada ‘on cusp of becoming law’

Regulation up north has definitely been a hardfought battle:

"Last month, the Ontario Bar Association managed to lobby successfully for further clarity of the portion of bill 14 that amends the Law Society Act, after it made submissions to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.

"As a result, the legislation now refers to paralegals as ‘paralegal members’ rather than ‘persons licensed to provide legal services.”


"After bill 14 passes, the Law Society of Upper Canada [PDF link] will be responsible for drafting the bylaws to create the rules and guidelines that will govern the paralegal profession, based on its 2004 report proposing its approach to paralegal regulation.


"According to Steven Rosenhek, chairman of the Ontario Bar Association’s paralegal task force, ‘the great benefit of the bill is that it sets out a comprehensive scheme for regulation of paralegals in Ontario, which encompasses all of the kinds of things that we at the OBA have advocated for years, including mandatory educational requirements, discipline measures, requirements to carry insurance — all of the things that will protect the public from incompetent or unscrupulous paralegals.’"

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