“Radio Waves Lasso the Paper Trail”

Fascinating news!

"It makes sense that attorneys who advise e-commerce ventures as part of their regular practice would try putting technology to use to manage law firms. And it makes sense that they’d be the ones to succeed.

"As technology continues to permeate our society, use of radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment is spreading far beyond tracking 18-wheelers cross country, or products and parts moving in and out of warehouses — or, for that matter, stray cattle, pets or misplaced car keys.

"The technology is transmitting in offices where large volumes of paper records are often in almost constant motion.

"That description certainly fits a large law firm where that one file you need right now may be found — eventually — anywhere from central filing to the desk of any number of attorneys, paralegals or secretaries.


"At the 50th Annual ARMA (formerly the Association of Records Managers and Administrators) International Conference and Expo held in Chicago last September, Fulbright & Jaworski announced the firmwide rollout of the new system interface integrating the 3M RFID Tracking System and the Accutrac Records Management Software program. We believe it’s a first in the profession, and maybe a landmark development for firms of all sizes in getting their arms around their file-management problems."