“Tech Gifts for the Lawyer [&/or Paralegal] in Your Life”

Fun version of the classic Santa Claus story packed with links to tech toys of interest to all kinds of legal folks:

"It was the night before [insert favorite winter holiday here], and all through the office, the associates were stirring, but I was home at the house. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nick (or whatever winter gift-giving person you prefer — your spouse, your child, your great grandmother or even a red-suited character with a white beard and a jolly smile) would soon be here.

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds, so we had the house to ourselves. ‘What do you want for Christmas, darling?’ my lovely bride whispered in my ear. I knew that we were supposed to be settling down for our long winter’s nap, but I was excited about all the gifts I would get from a lawyer-centric Santa, so I decided to answer her question. I drew up a contract.

"’First, my dear, I, the undersigned, would like a High Definition TV.’ I was confused by the options, however, what with LCD panels, DLP projection sets and the high-end Plasma screens. The LCDs have been coming down in price, and the DLPs, while needing more space, due to the projection mechanisms, are also becoming inexpensive. Plasmas are so yesterday, and still a little more expensive than comparable LCDs. Even I, the Future Lawyer, have a budget, so I settled on a lesser-known make of LCD, the Vizio 42 inch set (only $1,299)."

The complete article from Rick Georges, author of the Future Lawyer blog, contains even more great gift suggestions….