Stop Using the 37 Most Irritating Words at Work

I would love to hear some real work conversation from some real people.  I mean people who don't speak current workspeak.  You know the type:  the ones that desperately want you to think that they are "in the know", "up-to-date", savvy, synchronized but frankly, silly.

Sometimes, I wonder what some of the phrases really mean.  And, who started this stuff anyway?  Who is it that starts anything? Like the politicians who come on stage at a convention and point into the crowd with one finger shaped like a pistol to acknowledge unknown, unseen "someones."  For god's sake, there are 300,000 people there and the camera shows the politician making a surprised, "Oh, look who's here" face while pointing at that unseen person.  You can put $.25 on that it's going to happen at each and every convention. Who started that?

Back to the irritating words.  Once I hear these cliches, I actually tune out.  I don't hear what's coming next because I've mentally taken a vacation right from the first few words.  They didn't have me at hello.  They pushed me out the door.

Here's my list.  Feel free to add to it in the comment section.  I'm sure you'll have lots to say, particularly the next time someone has a work conversation with you and says something like, "I'm reaching out to you to see if, at the end of the day, you'll agree that we are the premiere law firm. Our key stakeholders will drill down and find issues not yet on your radar." Or, something like that.

Here we go:

1.    At the end of the day

2.    If you will

3.    Premiere law firm/organization/company

4.    On our radar

5.    Drill down

6.    Going forward

7.    Touch base

8.    No brainer

9.    Best of the best

10.    Think outside the box

11.    Best in class

12.    Transparency

13.    Wheelhouse

14.    Deliverable

15.    Actionable

16.    Dive deeper

17.    Run the numbers

18.    Organically

19.    Circle back

20.    Move the needle on this

21.    I'll ping you

22.    The bottom line is

23.    Take it to a whole 'nother level

24.    I'm on it

25.    It is what it is

26.    Employee on-boarding

27.    Conversate (Really?)

28.    Shout out

29.    Synergy

30.    The optics don't look good (What are we – at Lenscrafters?)

31.    Trending

32.    Best practices

33.    It's all good

34.    Starting a conversation or answering a question with, "So…"

35.    Cutting edge

36.    Put a pin in it

37.    30,000 feet


Even though these are not necessarily business terms, I also hate it when I hear, "You go girl" or "You rock."  I don't rock.  Trust me.  I don't rock.