Veteran Litigation Service Providers Forge National Co.

Wonder how well this idea will work:

"Twelve regional litigation service firms have joined forces to launch CausaFirma, LLC, the first national company to offer standardized and integrated support services from discovery through trial presentation.

"The partners, selected for their leadership roles in their own markets, have developed a process for delivering consistently high quality litigation support services that are uniform in appearance and functionality.

"Launched at the ABA Tech Show [PDF link], April 20-21 in Chicago, CausaFirma provides high-end trial technologies, court reporting, video technologies, online case management and a wide range of new media services, including graphics, multimedia, interactive white boards, animation and simulations.


"The partners include: G & M Court Reporters, Boston; Legal Video Services, Inc., Chicago; Rennillo Court Reporting, Records & Media, Cleveland; Legal Video Services, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Pirozzi Computerized Reporting, New York; James DeCrescenzo Reporting, LLC, Philadelphia; Trial Technologies, Inc., Philadelphia; Streski Reporting and Video, Pittsburgh; Case Strategies, San Diego; VideoTrack LLC, San Diego; ProMotion Legal Solutions, Seattle; and Kriegshauser Reporting & Video, St. Louis."