“Welcome to Surfers Anonymous”

Good to-think-about article from Legal Technology. After clicking on the article link, be sure to scroll down to the section titled "Surfing Anonymously in the Legal World":

"Anonymity is a scarce treasure in this day and age. Considering all the information associated with credit cards, mortgage documents and frequent buyer cards at your local grocery store, it’s alarming how much people know about you.

"The Internet is no different. Unless you have taken extraordinary measures, any Web site you visit can discover several things about you immediately, such as the Web browser you’re using and your computer’s unique Internet protocol (IP) address.


"Bringing that concept to the legal world, there are obvious scenarios where one side won’t want the other side to know that they’re visiting a certain Web site. You may not want to tip your hand to what you’re looking for, or you may just want to do some anonymous research before making a formal request for detailed information."