“ZANTAZ Integrates Email/File Archiving with Litigation Support”

New EDD software announcement:

“According to the Fulbright and Jaworski law firm, U.S. corporations spend, on average, $8 million annually on litigation cases. Many of these involve the recovery of digital information including emails. ZANTAZ Digital Safe is a compliant, on-demand email and file archiving solution allowing companies to easily move archived data into ZANTAZ Introspect for litigation purposes.

“When a company’s legal department receives a request to turn over emails, they typically rely on the IT division to collect data from various mailboxes, network drives, laptops, hard drives and other devices, which can be time-consuming and costly. This process previously required multiple vendors to search and collect the requested data, often resulting in disparate or proprietary file formats. ZANTAZ Digital Safe automatically collects these emails and files as they are created…”