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So many of us have endured some form of discrimination during a hiring process or on the job. Chere's "Are You Pretty Enough for your Job" article created a lot of emotion. So much so that Fortune Magazine wrote and article about our article!
"What I have found dealing with thousands of legal professionals throughout my career is that quite often, legal professionals blame the job they are in as the sole reason for unhappiness. As hard as it is to believe, many people do not recognize that their career has stalled.

They blame frustration on the job they are in. It’s not necessarily the job, rather, how you are making choices about your career.

Blake Lively nailed this concept about the value of your team in her article, "Your Law Firm’s Employees Cost Too Much to Lose. 

You'll be amazed to see how much it actually costs to replace one of your attorneys.

If you are in law firm management, you simply MUST read this article

Compared to other businesses, lawyers have not evolved in how they serve their clients

Let's be honest; the way lawyers serve their clients has not changed much, not just from the late 1970s when I started practicing law but probably since the 1200s when England passed laws regulating the conduct of the legal profession.....

Every other business bombards its customers with client satisfaction surveys, but, in my experience, few lawyers ever bother at any stage to ask their clients for feedback on the service they received.

We are honored to be awarded a thirds MPV award by Paralegal Brief - One of the top 3 articles for 2022!

Are You Pretty Enough for your Job?

This article on beauty and age discrinimation struck a chord with so many readers. It even spawned an article in Fortune Magazine.

If you haven't read it, you should.

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As a former labor and employment law attorney, I’ve taken issue with the popular employee disciplinary tool commonly referred to as “progressive discipline.”

I advocate replacing conventional employee disciplinary policy with the following three communication tools: ...

We are honored to be awarded another MPV award by Paralegal Brief - One of the top 3 articles for 2022!

Adding Value To The Firm – Are You In Or Out?

We often talk about how to get a job but why don’t we talk enough about keeping a job?

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Flightmare. If you got caught up in it, my sympathies! With thousands and thousands of weary travelers serious victims of the blizzard, ice or even Southwest, the holidays were dreadful.

...Sleeping with my head on my carry-on bag without my jammies just didn’t seem like the way I wanted to kick off our vacation.

Getting a hotel room at the last minute in the middle of a blizzard took an act of the travel gods.

We are honored to be awarded an MPV award by Paralegal Brief - One of the top 3 articles for 2022!

Two Unbelievable Reasons Why Paralegal Resumes Get Tossed

If you missed it - read the article here.

Here are the most common (and un-communicated) reasons why your resume is tossed....

I mapped out a plan for her when I realized she was making the biggest, most common mistake you can make when seeking a raise or promotion: Sitting and waiting for the firm to notice that you are doing a good job.

Few promotions are given when the employee puts in long hours, is a good team player, is always on-hand for whoever needs them and turns in big billables. Why? Because putting in long hours, being a good team player, the always available person is exactly what is expected of you. 

To succeed, you must take charge of your own development. Here are some strategies to get you where you want to go in your career.

Raises are hard to ask for and when you do get one, you had better know whether it is good, bad or under market.

However, most people blow it because of the rationale and the way that they pose the question. But why is it that most reviews leave people feeling worse about themselves?

And while there are many tips and tricks to ask, plenty are pitfalls that could derail an otherwise perfect approach. Many are times when employees do everything right when asking for a raise, only to ruin everything with a single mistake. 

It’s never good to take an uncalculated risk. Let’s explore what not to do when asking for a raise.

“Who are you?” asked Bill Campbell, Intuit’s CEO at the time I was sitting in his office discussing
business schools.
I fumbled around for an answer, meandering all over the place, feeling not at all sure I had answered his question.

Next he asked, “Who is Sonya Sigler?” Yeah, this question just confirmed that I really hadn’t answered his first question. More fumbling around. Damn.

Finally, he said in an exasperated voice, “No, tell me what your top skills are.” More inarticulate answers. More fumbling.

Little did I know that he was giving me every opportunity to boldly state my elevator pitch, to share with him who I am at my essence, and what my top skills are. What a lost opportunity.