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So many of us have endured some form of discrimination during a hiring process or on the job. Chere's "Are You Pretty Enough for your Job" article created a lot of emotion. So much so that Fortune Magazine wrote and article about our article!

Are you feeling like an underpaid paralegal? As paralegals, it’s our job to provide support to attorneys and clients, dedicating countless hours to research, investigation, drafting, and client engagement.

You serve as the point of contact when the attorney is not available. You also put in just as much dedication and effort into every case as the attorney.

How often have we heard someone say, “You’re the one leading this whole operation behind the attorney…”

Well, well, well, they said what about your performance? Surprise, surprise, it's performance review time! You strut in there like you own the place, expecting a standing ovation, a raise that could buy a small country, and maybe even a golden trophy labeled "Employee of the Millennium."

But hold the confetti! Instead of the anticipated praise, you get hit with a review suggesting your performance is in need of CPR. You might even be slapped with a performance improvement plan, and that raise? Yeah, about that...

When contemplating the idea of leaving your current job, it's essential to meticulously weigh your timing, as it can be just as crucial as the reasons behind your departure.

Whatever you do, move cautiously and, never quit your job without having another to go to.

I once took a job in an AmLaw (top firms in the country) firm. Boy, was I excited! A big bump in salary; great title; opportunity to grow; the works. And then – I knew within 3 days that I had made a huge mistake. Huge. There was no question – this was going to be a “crying in the shower every morning” adventure.

You’ve certainly done it at least once – hired the Toxic Employee. You were sure they were “Ms. or Mr. Best Candidate I Can Ever Choose”.

Then, they started the job. Everything was hunky-dory ... then, uh, oh. The Monster in the window office appears out of nowhere. Yep, a Toxic Employee.

Do yourself and your firm a favor and be done with Toxic Employees coming on board.