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Our "Are You Pretty Enough..." article was featured in Fortune Magazine!

“Age discrimination is a problem. Botox isn’t the solution”

So many of us have endured some form of discrimination during a hiring process or on the job. Chere's "Are You Pretty Enough for your Job" article created a lot of emotion. So much so that Fortune Magazine wrote and article about our article!

Are You Pretty Enough for Your Job?

Age and beauty discrimination? How far do we have to go to stay competitive? This article stuck a chord for a lot of our readers - so much so that Fortune Magazine ran an article about it! Read both articles, Share and Comment! We want to hear form you!

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Two Unbelievable Reasons Why Paralegal Resumes Get Tossed

Are you sending your paralegal resume out with little or no response? Are you thinking about seeking a new position but not sure whether your resume will meet the test?

Here are the most common (and un-communicated) reasons why your resume is tossed.

Do you know if it is time to leave your job?

Warning! For God’s sake, don’t show this article to your employer! That being said, (as if I had to), there has been no greater time to take advantage of a healthy job market where candidates firmly hold the upper hand – and probably will for some time to come.

If you haven’t peaked out from your current position to view what’s going on in the job market, it’s time. Never, in the umpteen years I have been in the legal field, have I seen such a crazy, positive, negative market. It just depends on what side you are on – candidate or employer.

Employees are in the midst of the Great Resignation. Truthfully, I don’t think that name aptly captures what’s going on. It’s more like The Great Re-shuffle

How to Ace the Video Interview: Tips for Outrageous Success

Chere Estrin gives critical tips on how to do video interviews - an important skill in the new workplace.

This is even more important when selling yourself to get that high paying job!

Don't blow your sales pitch when selling yourself!

Here Are 15 Possible Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired—and How to Fix Them

Job searching is a grind. And the longer you’re at it, the worse it seems to get. It can be so discouraging to put yourself out there and get rejected over and over again or be met with radio silence.

But rather than keeping your head down and sending out another flurry of applications, you may benefit from taking a step back and considering why you’re not getting the results you want. What’s the real issue keeping you from landing your next gig? Accurately diagnosing the problem now will save you time in the long run.

Here are 15 reasons you might not be getting hired and how you can fix them—broken down by when in the job search you’re running into trouble.

Are You Playing A Good Game? How to Improve Your Career and Move to the Major Leagues

Have you ever participated professionally in a competitive sport? Are you familiar with the approaches in which professionals train for one? If you look deeply, you will see a strong resemblance in principal to sports and the legal professional field. The reality is, if we focus on the actual mechanics of what we do over a period of time, we can see that we receive results through our reflexes.

Several times a day we encounter situations where we might respond a bit better. But do we? Maybe. But if, as it has been said, baseball is a game of inches, getting our best results is a game of improving the odds by enhancing your skills in terms of how you respond to the situation.

Norman Harris: 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Field

Charisma: It is equally important to have a compelling presence, which includes positive energy, an influential personality, and the ability to communicate effectively. As a lawyer, I have learned that effective presence is an equal companion to competence, character, compassion and courage. Presentation creates perception, and perception is reality.