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Our "Are You Pretty Enough..." article was featured in Fortune Magazine!

“Age discrimination is a problem. Botox isn’t the solution”

So many of us have endured some form of discrimination during a hiring process or on the job. Chere's "Are You Pretty Enough for your Job" article created a lot of emotion. So much so that Fortune Magazine wrote and article about our article!

Chere Estrin’s expertise tapped by Wall Street Journal for insight on Legal Staffing wage growth.

Many workers in the law industry, burned out from 90-hour weeks and holiday hours, left during the pandemic, said Chere Estrin, who runs a legal staffing firm.A lot of law firms “are in a panic because they can’t get people to do the work,” Ms. Estrin said. “I have never seen anything like this.”

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Chaos Chronicles: The Real-life Saga of a Day Gone Haywire(True story)

At the ungodly hour of 3:30 a.m., I am jolted awake to pitch-black darkness. Panicking, I fumbled around, desperately trying to figure out why my world had turned into a sightless abyss. No lights, no window, no door, no lights in the backyard, just me, groping for my phone like a blindfolded contestant on a reality show.

Thinking of Leaving Your Job? Hold on there!

When contemplating the idea of leaving your current job, it's essential to meticulously weigh your timing, as it can be just as crucial as the reasons behind your departure.

Whatever you do, move cautiously and, never quit your job without having another to go to.

5 Steps for Creating a Culture That Attracts and Welcomes Employees with Disabilities

With competition for skilled workers at a high and an increased focus on diversity, companies have started to recruit in often overlooked talent pools, including veterans, women returning to the workplace, older workers, and individuals without college degrees.

And companies are beginning to embrace one of the largest untapped talent markets of all — people with disabilities...

Mastering Your Performance Review: Strategies for Success”By Chere Estrin

If the mention of “performance review” makes your heart race and you start sweating in places you didn’t know could sweat, you’re not alone. Many people get unnecessarily anxious when it comes time for the common annual evaluation.

But rather than approaching this with an overblown sense of dread, let’s view this as an opportunity.

10 Red Hot Flags Not to Take that Job

I once took a job in an AmLaw (top firms in the country) firm. Boy, was I excited! A big bump in salary; great title; opportunity to grow; the works. And then – I knew within 3 days that I had made a huge mistake. Huge. There was no question – this was going to be a “crying in the shower every morning” adventure.