“20 Jobs with the fastest-growing salaries”

This new salary analysis comes from Business 2.0 & paralegals are on the list:

"Business 2.0 Magazine identifies popular job categories in which wages are growing the fastest.



1. HR coordinator ($40,200)

2. Paralegal ($39,500)"

It’s nice that paralegals made the list, but categorized as "admin support"? Not so much! And what do you think about that $39K salary?

2 Replies to ““20 Jobs with the fastest-growing salaries””

  1. The $39K wouldn’t be so bad if we got a percentage of what we bill a year. For those on the Plaintiff side, a percentage of the fees that come in. It puzzles me why the DOL insists on classifying us as “administrative staff”. We are the legal equivalent of a PA to a physician, yet we have to continue to fight against the “glorified secretary” stigma.

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