A Plan to Develop Your Successful Career

EstrinChere3If you're reading this now,  you're probably thinking that I have a magic bullet for you – one that will propel you to paralegal stardom.  I'm sorry.  I don't happen to have that.

What I do have, however, is 20+ years of experience witnessing success stories.  And you know what?  Each paralegal I witnessed who made it, all had a secret weapon – they continued to get more information and expand their skills through continuing education, seminars and webinars and were thereby recognized by their firms as "the expert."  You have to remember, you're in a field that treasures academic achievements.

That's why, I want to present some opportunities today to get you up off the lounge chair after work, get yourself over to the computer and start taking some fantastic online, live seminars and webinars and get yourself up-to-speed.  It's critical for paralegals to add to their tool basket immediately as some are still getting laid-off because frankly, they are the weakest, .

The Paralegal Knowledge Institute and the Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP) are offering some of the best paralegal, litigation support, eDiscovery and specialty training I've seen yet.  Sure, I may be biased but I don't do the teaching.  The instruction is from top experts in the country and boy, have they put together some high-powered courses.  Here are just a few:

You'll benefit by acquiring a more polished and powerful style, gain more confidence, prove that you are a leader and understand the unique challenges faced by every paralegal.  For those of you who think you are better off learning strictly on the job, it can take years of zigging and zagging before you end up with the proper instruction.

The difference between learning on the job and learning from experienced instructors who have hands-on experience can make or break your career.  If the inexperienced trainer in your firm cannot teach well or does not herself have the proper training (and you wouldn't know until you put the trainer's methods into play), you have literally busted your career.  In an online classroom environment, you are taught with proper training techniques aimed at the adult student in a proven format designed to make you learn.

I encourage you to go out and master your specialty.  Don't just "learn" it piece by piece, in no particular order and only as people may have time to train you.  You wouldn't want a nurse or doctor to learn the same way!  Why would you allow yourself to do that?  Makes no sense.

Sign-up today.  Here's what you'll lose:  nothing.  Here's what you'll gain:  a better, more satisfying and lucrative career. Go get 'em and let me know how you do.