AAfPE Speaks Out Strongly…

against "short term" paralegal programs:

"[S]hort-term entry-level paralegal training programs…do a fundamental disservice to the legal profession by creating unrealistic expectations in both employers and students that a quality paralegal education has been delivered when such may not be the case. AAfPE opposes the proliferation of these short-term paralegal programs because these programs do not meet minimal standards recognized by virtually all paralegal educators, lawyers and paralegals. These programs undermine the legitimate educational efforts of AAfPE institutions that seek to provide quality entry-level paralegal education. These short-term programs are doing a disservice to the students who enroll in them, to those who employ paralegals, and to the legal profession." (Emphasis added.)

Well, that’s making a clear stand!

Please tell us what you think about all this — agree or disagee with the AAfPE?

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