“ABA Raises Fresh Concerns Regarding Domestic Surveillance”

Nice to hear from the ABA about this important issue:

"May 9, 2006 — American Bar Association President Michael S. Greco today called on the Senate Judiciary Committee to carry out ‘a thorough inquiry into the nature and extent of the warrantless domestic surveillance conducted by the administration,’ and called any legislative action ‘premature’ until such an inquiry has taken place.

"In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Greco emphasized the association’s deep concern about possible constitutional violations contained in various legislative proposals, and the danger of proceeding before those and other key questions about the nature and scope of the surveillance program are finally answered by the administration.

“’Like all our fellow citizens, the members of the American Bar Association want the government to have the powers it needs to effectively combat terrorists,’ Greco wrote. ‘However, we are deeply concerned about the electronic surveillance of Americans without the express authorization of the Congress and the independent oversight of the courts.’"