“Archive To Survive”

Another point of view about saving information. This article is in favor, but that might have something to do with the subject of this publication from Jupitermedia:

"Archiving is certainly one of the hottest areas of storage right now. It lies at the heart of a subject that is near, though perhaps not so dear, to the heart of every storage manager — retaining a legion of records to comply with an ever-expanding roster of regulatory requirements.

"’Compliant records data is presently estimated to grow over 60 percent per year, generating more than 1.6 PB [petabyte: 1 quadrillion bytes] of new storage capacity requirements in 2006," says Fred Moore of Horison Information Strategies. "’This represents the single fastest-growing application segment of the storage industry.’"


"That’s why the vendor acquisition frenzy surrounding archiving may seem a little confusing at first glance: OTG acquired by Legato in 2003 and subsequently gobbled up by EMC; Educom picked up by Zantaz; KVS by Veritas and then Symantec; Computer Associates‘ acquisition of ilumin Software Services; Symantec purchasing IMlogic; and Quest purchased AfterMail, to name just a few. These buy-outs forward vendor roadmaps encompassing a wide range of archiving products and possibilities."

Kinda hard to keep track — an archiving frenzy indeed!

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