Attorney Egos & Paralegals

It is an interesting adventure trying to get some attorneys to speak at a Paralegal SuperConference. I guess they view this as a step-down. 

We asked no fewer than 14 attorneys to speak at our Los Angeles Paralegal SuperConference. Most were from major firms. Their responses? Either none whatsoever, totally ignoring the communication — meaning "go away" — or a brief "Sorry, not interested." Not even “Thanks for asking anyway.”

What ego is so bloated that these folks cannot spend 45 minutes to address an audience from the same “A” firms they hail from? 

Had we sent the same email, but instead asked them to address attorneys from these “A” firms, would they have said yes? You betcha. 

The attorneys who did accept our invitation are either less ego-oriented or more real, I guess. Like Jonathan Blinderman, Corp. VP of Playboy Enterprises. Or Kevin Cranman, Sr. Counsel from Panasonic. Eager, enthusiastic, law firm caste-blind.

Oh, by the way, we also contacted LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office. Within two days, we received a personal phone call from his secretary saying the mayor would be out of town that date, but to please keep him in mind for future paralegal conferences. 

Well, yes, it was still “no,” but a “no” that left dignity intact. Never thought I’d say this, but I’ll take a politician any day.

How would the attorneys you work with have responded to our invitation? Let us know!