Blogging: Paralegal Potential?

Hey, blogging involves researching, writing, & keeping an eye out for interesting information. Perhaps a new niche for paralegals whose firms publish blogs? Associates are already billing time for their blogging activity:

"To generate more content across the board, the firm has turned to its associates. Each Sheppard Mullin associate can count up to 50 hours a year for writing articles or recruiting efforts toward his or her minimum billable hour requirement of 1,950 and bonus threshold of 2,000 hours. The blogs have become a good way for associates to hit their numbers. For instance, Camelia Mazard, a D.C.-based antitrust associate, made her bonus in part by writing for the blog. She says she currently spends two to three hours per month researching and writing blog postings."

See this article, Blogging Is the New Black, for more info.

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