“Coming soon to theaters: Paralegal saves the day”

You must read this article to learn how the case was won!

"The story sounds familiar, like the plot of a dozen movies: a legal assistant saves the case of a law office when she finds evidence everyone else – the prosecution, investigators and her bosses – overlooked.

"Days before David Redden‘s murder trial began, the legal team of John Heath Sr. and John Heath Jr. had a case much like hundreds of other murder cases Heath Sr. has worked in his 36-year career – his client’s word against the prosecution’s.

"Enter Julia Watson, a paralegal for the father-and-son law office. With jury selection three days away, Watson was working late Thursday, July 13, transcribing the dialogue from a videocassette that documented the scene of the killing. After most of the staff had left work, Watson sat in a brown wooden chair, next to a portable desk, and she began writing on a yellow legal pad. She realized there was no sound coming from the 50-inch television, but she watched the tape anyway, and what she saw surprised her."