“Couple share more than just a marriage”

Amazingly wonderful Valentine’s gift! BTW, have you signed an organ donation card?

"Attorney Paris Eliades referred to Jane Picone on Tuesday as the ‘surrogate mother’ of the law firm in Sparta where she’s worked for 29 years.

"In fact, about 15 employees of law firm Daggett, Kraemer, Eliades, Kovach and Ursin gathered to honor her contributions not only to her family at work, but her actual family at home.

"Picone, 55, an office manager and paralegal, donated her kidney to her husband Al Picone, 56, on Valentine’s Day last year, a surprisingly simple process that saved Al from using dialysis his entire life.

"The surgery also allowed the Andover Township couple to tell their community — everyone from a cousin to a post office employee — about the positive impacts of organ donation."