“Danger, death and dining served up in ‘Dark Tort’”

New murder mystery victim is a paralegal!

"Goldy’s back and as usual, it’s murder! If you’re a mystery reader, and haven’t yet picked up one of Diane Mott Davidson‘s previous 12 culinary mysteries featuring Goldy (Bear) Schulz — millions of which are in print — you’re in a true minority. Sampling this Colorado caterer’s crimes du jour is a must for the clue-oriented cognoscenti, who have made Davidson ‘the divine diva of the culinary cozy,’ according to Publisher’s Weekly.

"In ‘Dark Tort,’ Goldy’s taken up catering breakfast to an elite law firm, all in the name of money in the bank. Arriving late one night to set up, and anticipating a nice chat with friend and aspiring paralegal Dusty Routt, she instead literally trips over the body of her friend, and the game is afoot."

Wonder who the murderer could be?!