“EDD Rules: Fact or Scary Fiction?”

What do you think about all the EDD news? Too much hype? Or information you really need?

"Wherever you turn these days, there seems to be a new CLE seminar being offered or white paper being written on the ‘sweeping changes’ to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as they relate to the discovery of electronically stored information.

"And most of them are tied together by a common thread: an alarmist air of hype.


"Many e-discovery vendors would have people believe that the landscape surrounding electronic discovery has completely changed. From this author’s perspective, that’s a gross exaggeration of the truth designed to stir up angst (and business) in the legal marketplace. That said, the amended rules do offer important guidelines about the relevance, discoverability, production and costs associated with electronic discovery. The trick, as in much of the legal game, is to know how to separate fact from fiction."

Author Sean M. Byrne is a business development manager with UHY Advisors FLVS Inc. Since 1998, Byrne has worked as a practicing litigator and litigation consultant.