eDiscovery Paralegals Network Merges with KNOW

Knowlogo2 Los Angeles: Dec. 5 2010:  Estrin Education, Inc., the parent company of KNOW Magazine for Paralegals is pleased to announce that eDiscovery Paralegals Network  (EDPN) has merged with KNOW Paralegal and given memberships in The Organization of Legal Professionals  (OLP).  eDiscovery Paralegal is a website and blog designed specifically for paralegals specializing in the eDiscovery arena.

Founded by Robin Margolis  two years ago and formerly directed by Danielle Marbury, Litigation Support Manager for WilmerHale, the blog took off giving paralegals in this new field an opportunity to discover new resources and reach out to other trail blazers. Use of electronic information in litigation is a relatively new area of legal practice created by the widespread use of computers and the arrival of the Internet.

E-discovery has created many new career niches and learning opportunities for paralegals and other legal professionals. It has also created a steep learning curve for many paralegals and attorneys, who were trained in paper-based discovery — obtaining or producing boxes of documents during litigation, sorting them by hand, and Bates-stamping them.

Paralegal training programs are gradually incorporating e-discovery into their curriculums. There are also a growing number of CLE (continuing legal education) programs on e-discovery specifically for paralegals. Some of the litigation and information technology organizations that have a focus on e-discovery issues have welcomed paralegals into their memberships.

The E-Discovery Paralegals Network (EDPN) mission is to:

1.  Network with other eDiscovery Paralegals 

2. Explore and examine e-discovery training programs

3. Discover and share resources such as books, podcasts, videos and other media

4.  Create a job bank for paralegals interested in e-discovery work

5.  Provide information about updates and new e-discovery software packages  and

6.  Offer information to locate vendors and consultants.

All members of eDiscovery Paralegal Network will be given a free one-year membership in the Organization of Legal Professionals where they will have access to membership benefits such as free webinars, publications, seminars, networking, eDiscovery certification exams and more.

Contact:  OLP  www.theolp.org  info@theolp.org