“E-Mail Intelligence Eases E-Discovery Headaches”

First time I’ve heard about this software, but sounds like it works quite well:

"Juries don’t always believe what people say, but they do tend to believe what is on paper. The difference that thorough e-mail review and analysis can make in the outcome of litigation is dramatic, and attorneys cannot risk overlooking key evidence that can make or break a client’s case.

"More and more legal cases today involve the submission of e-mail as material evidence — creating a phenomenon that law firms and corporate enterprises are struggling to manage. Across the industry, costs and workloads are spiraling out of control for law firms and their clients.

"On average, e-mail review and analysis now accounts for 20 percent to 50 percent of total case costs, with many firms billing over $1 million per month. E-mail review and analysis costs for high-profile cases involving unusually large volumes of e-mails and attachments, such as SEC investigations, can run as high as $5 million.

"At Pooley & Oliver, we have taken a preemptive approach in this area by offering a novel process for reducing cost and improving efficiency of the e-discovery process using the Clearwell Email Intelligence Platform.

"Clearwell has lowered our costs by as much as 82 percent, providing significant savings for our clients. It also allows us to reinvest the labor savings back into our practice by freeing up resources to better serve our clients."

Article by Scott Oliver, a partner at Pooley & Oliver LLP who has specialized in intellectual property litigation for more than a dozen years.