Enough Doom and Gloom- Show me the jobs!

Bio.Morganelli Loni pic  By Loni Morganelli
American Paralegal in London

After months of dismal news and gloomy job forecasts, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some good news!  So to help lift our spirits and in light of our "pay it forward" job theme (see www.knowparalegal.com), I've dug up some positive pointers.  The biggest piece of information I have for you, fellow paralegals, is that jobs are out there! Calendar into your appointment books one day each week to check out individual firm websites for new job postings.  New opportunities are popping up every week, but you have to be quick or you might miss them.

Loni Morganelli

This week, for example, a great opportunity for a "Trial Support Analyst" has arisen in Reed Smith's Los Angeles office.  As we all know, Reed Smith is one of the world's most prestigious law firms.  The analyst position is an excellent opportunity for a highly-skilled paralegal with extensive trial and technology experience.  I know there are many former and current litigation paralegals out there with this experience.  You can bet this job will go fast!   You have to keep your eyes open and check firm sites on a weekly basis, if not daily basis and if you don't think you have the time, get up an hour earlier.

In addition to checking firm websites, set up job alerts with temp agencies, Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com and your local city website.  Your local and national paralegal associations will also post job opportunities, so calendar days in your appointment book to check each of these sites as well.  Don't overlook jobs with vendors, either!  They pay well and offer an exciting alternative to the same old, same old routine. 

Worldwide Legal Directories – HG.org, for example, posts both paralegal and legal assistant positions, as well as other legal positions, on their website for jobs all across the US.  And if you are craving a cultural change and have the flexibility to go abroad, the directories also list international posts in several other countries including China and the UK (where I am).  You are bound to find many American expats just like me.  A quick search of the site for paralegal jobs in New York, for example, brings up 17 different jobs.  While not in the hundreds, it is better than zero as many sites have shown in the past few months.  The paralegal positions found include: litigation, immigration, real estate, bankruptcy, trademarks, and trust and estates.

There is also an advanced Paralegal Coordinator role listed for those of you ready to take the next step in your career.  If you're in need of a job or think that you might be in the near future, try your state today to see what's out there.  Remember, during recessions, corporations and individuals are more likely to face problems that require legal assistance, such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, and divorces.  Also, hot right now is healthcare, going green, class action suits, employment law and more. Coming up is litigation involving Chinese drywall, global warming and Wall Street litigation. Paralegals providing many of the same legal services as lawyers at a lower cost, tend to fare relatively better in difficult economic conditions (as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  There are jobs out there, folks – keep your eyes open and stay positive!

PS:  Don't forget: Pay it forward! If you know of a position you don't want, send the news to info@knowparalegal.com and we'll post it on our website at www.knowparalegal.com.  Help a fellow paralegal out! It will pay off in the future.