First Online, Interactive 8 Week eDiscovery Courses Hit the Market

J0285137 Every paralegal today, no matter what your practice area, needs to be acutely aware just how essential thorough eDiscovery knowledge has become to your job. Whether you are in litigation, corporate transactional, in-house, government, risk management or other related practice areas, eDiscovery is going to apply to various aspects of your position.

If you take a look at any of the job postings, you'll see that a new position, the eDiscovery Paralegal, has zoomed up in open positions.  Problem is, say many employers, is that it is hard to get a paralegal who truly understands every aspect of eDiscovery.

Why?  This is a relatively new and constantly changing arena. Most people are taught this topic in piecemeal:  You take a seminar here, a webinar there and piece the puzzle together.  Or, you are taught on-the-job.  However, no matter how good your on-the-job trainer is, if they have not been taught properly, you will learn their mistakes and apply those to your work.  You have no way of knowing what those mistakes are until you make one. Chancey and ripe for malpractice problems at best.

The Organization of Legal Professionals  (The OLP) together with The Center for Advanced Legal Studies, an ABA approved paralegal program, is launching eDiscovery@Work –  three new online, interactive 8 week courses:
1. eDiscovery 101A: The Fundamentals
   For those just entering eDiscovery or those who have pieces of information
2. eDiscovery, The Next Level
   For those who understand the basics and need to move up to the next level
3. eDiscovery for Non-Legal Professionals
   For those technology professionals who transitioned from another industry to the legal field.

These intensive courses are taught by seasoned pros.  The courses offer state-of-the-art technology.  The instructors will be able to see you and you can see and talk with other students. The classes meet twice a week for two hours each and are recorded in case you miss one.  It's groundbreaking, fun and of absolute necessity to any paralegal seeking to stay current.  I highly recommend that you check into them. It's worth the time, the minimum expense and the career advancement this knowledge can bring.