“Freelance Paralegals: A Balancing Act”

Nice article from LawCrossing about freelancing paralegals:

"Because both men and women are expected to work for a living, time for the family is not at all abundant. However, a few individuals in the legal profession are finding ways to make it work. One of those ways is to turn freelance. ‘I became a freelance when I had kids,’ says Collette Calkins, a freelance paralegal who worked for Tharpe & Howell, a law firm in Los Angeles. ‘It has worked out because I can work when I want to and take care of the kids.’

"Despite the flexible hours, freelancing is not for everyone. In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of being a freelance is keeping up with deadlines, because no one is physically present to hold you accountable. ‘You have to have self-discipline but, you also need to have a lot of experience behind you. Otherwise, attorneys will not want to hire you,’ replied Calkins when asked about the type of quallities one should have before even considering turning freelance. ‘Sometimes I get an assignment that is due the next day. If it means staying up all night getting it done, I will do it,’ she said. She also added, ‘If you love what you are doing, it helps with the motivation and discipline.’"

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